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Mural FAQ

These FAQ’s are for you, the person who wants a mural, but isn’t sure where to start, or who to ask. I’ve included general advice for folks who are just curious, as well as details on how to work with me. Take your time to read, and feel free to send me a message if something is not listed here! 

general advice

There are lots of ways to find artists, but here are some of the best options: 

Search Online: Google local artists/muralists in your city. Search Hashtags on social media channels like #muralist and add your city name to the hashtag too. ie. #ColumbusMurals #ColumbusMuralist

The disadvantage to this tactic is that the first hit on your search will be a muralist who has a strong web presence – which is awesome, but you can miss a lot of great talent that doesn’t know how to market themself. You can work with those folks, or if you want to keep looking, try the next steps:

Ask your Local Arts Non-Profit Organization: They have lists of artists and probably know them personally, so you can ask them to get you in touch. 

Go Mural Scavenging: This is so much fun! Drive around your area and explore murals that already exist. Artists usually sign their work which makes it easy for you to find them online.

Ask Me! When you’ve been painting murals for over a decade, you accumulate a few mural friends…! My network of artists ranges from international professionals, to local emerging newbies. From my network, I can offer you an ideal recommendation of an available artist, ready to work, who will match beautifully with you for your project needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with me, and I will “match-make” the perfect artist for you!

Every artist works a little differently, so your best bet is to allow the artist to tell you their process. Murals can vary wildly in terms of collaboration, so even if you do multiple projects, they might all come together a differently. 

I can’t speak to everyone’s methods, but you can find my process on this page under section “Working with Lucie.”

All projects vary – it depends on so many things, like the size and scale, the style of the work, and sometimes can be impacted by unexpected things like the weather.

If I had to pick an average timeframe – from the first conversation to the very end of installing a mural – I’d say it can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. The time is often split 50/50 between the  consultation and design phase and actual installation.

Do not worry, my friend, that’s why you’re hiring an artist! Our expertise is in ideas and creative thinking. We’re more than ready to give you options. 

Personally, I love hearing others’ ideas and giving them life. My expertise lies in ideation and strategy. I love ideas that tell stories. I am particularly fond of absorbing others’ partially formed ideas and remodeling them, bringing them together into one gorgeous, cohesive and poignant visual. 

How long do you want your mural to last? It really depends on your goals with your space.

Murals usually last as long as the wall does, or as long as the client owns the space, or wants the mural there.

I’ve seen stunning 2-story-tall murals live for 2 days as part of a performance… and I’ve seen them still standing, faded but beautiful, after centuries. Some of the oldest paint you can see in your city are ghost signs from decades ago gracing the sides of centuries-old buildings.

It’s lifespan is mostly dependent on it’s surface and environment. However, as the artist painting it, we can use a few tricks to give it a chance to last a bit longer. 

Like anything you’re going to purchase, pricing will of course, vary. Different artists will have different price points. Those prices often reflect their level of experience, quality of work, their professionalism, and perhaps even their locale. The most important thing you can do, is determine what you are looking for, in size, style, artist and price.

To see details on Lucie’s rates, see the section “Pricing” on this page.  

Working with Lucie

Thanks for asking! Sounds like you’re considering working with me, which I greatly appreciate. My process can vary depending on the project, but these steps are a great starting point to understand how things will flow.  

1) Fill out the Form. First, I gather your information. The easiest way to do this is for you to fill out the Mural Request Form as much a possible before we schedule a consultation.

2) Consultation. Once the form is filled out, we can schedule a consultation to visit the site. We meet at the location where the mural will be painted and get a little personal, talking through your vision for the space, potentially digging into understanding more about the intent of the space or your business or brand. Consultations have a $125 non-refundable fee. The fee is paid prior to the meeting. If the project moves forward, this amount is credited towards the final budget. 

3) Contract and Deposit. Once I understand the needs of your project, I will draft a contract that gives you a clear expectations of price, timing and deliverables. You can review it and make any changes you feel are necessary. Upon signing the deposit will be due, and then the design process will begin!

The design phase might be my favorite part of this whole job. My expertise lies in taking your ideas and bringing them to life – it’s so much fun! 

The design phase is built in 3 stages, all of which need your input. Firstly, the design phase starts after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. 

The first stage is Exploration and Inspiration. We work with a mood board to create a foundation for our conversations. This determines if we are communicating clearly and aligned. Oh, and it’s fun. 🙂 

The second phase is Ideas  and Sketches, where I show two pencil-only sketches showing different directions the project can take. You will select one and provide any feedback to ensure the work is headed in the right direction.

The third stage is Color and Details. A digital sketch is completed in full color and mocked up on a photo of your wall to show how it might look in final form. At this point you can request edits to the palette and any details that may need changed.

The goal is to have final approval of the design before any supplies are ordered.

After the design is approved, your second payment for the project will be due. This ensures I have a budget to rent any necessary equipment and purchase paint and supplies that your specific project needs.

Then I begin painting! Painting techniques will vary based on the project. Rest assured, I understand the materials and equipment and take care to work cleanly and efficiently in your space. 

You are always welcome to visit me while I work. Taking photos and sharing the process online always creates buzz and excitement for your business, friends and family. 

Once the project is complete, I will send you the final invoice and payment is due within 30 days.

I paint with the belief that your mural is an investment in your environment. And like the building it is painted on, it will slowly age. My goal is the help it age gracefully.

The most important factor in a mural’s lifespan is its foundation – the surface it’s painted on. If there is a part of the wall surface that is leaking, peeling, crumbling or otherwise damaged, that must be fixed before paint can be placed. 

Another way to ensure the mural lasts, is by using high quality color-fast latex paints with a UV protection coating. This prevents fading from sunlight exposure, and helps lessen damage from everyday life and even make cleaning easier. 

For additional insurance that your mural will live a healthy, long life, I keep track of all the colors I use on my projects. This makes it easy to color match a spot that may have been damaged, tagged, or faded. I ask for notice if a mural is going to be fixed or altered in any way, so that I can either fix it or provide you the means to fix it yourself


I understand! I am transparent about my pricing on my website, specifically so you are able to calculate a quote on your own time. See the details in the next question. 

Once I understand the needs of your custom project, I will charge one flat rate fee. This flat rate is calculated by the square foot measurement of the wall I’ll be painting, and a few other details such as travel and equipment rentals. 

Local (Central Ohio) Rate: $25 to 35 per square foot

Equipment Rentals: $1300 to $3400. This is usually required for spaces taller than 18 feet where scaffolding or lifts are needed. Price will will depend on the ground type, location, height, and length of time rented. 

Travel Rate: $25 to $45 per square foot

So, what does that mean? (Sorry, it’s time for you to do some math homework…) You will need to measure (or estimate the measurement, if you can’t reach) the wall(s) you intend to have painted. Measure the width and height. Multiply HxW to get the square foot measurement. Then, multiply the square foot measurement by $25 to get your minimum total. 

Per the calculation of $35/sf, that would be correct. However, My project minimum is $5,000. That roughly translates to a space that is 200 square feet. I will gladly take smaller spaces, however, they will be charged a flat rate of $5,000.

I am happy to offer a thirty minute consultation to understand your needs and make recommendations. I do have a list of professional artists in my network who I am happy to recommend, who work at a variety of price points. I like to provide clients with other artists if I feel the project suits their experience, expertise, aesthetic/style and of course, if they have availability. It’s like match-making for artists and clients!

A: Awesome – Take some snapshots of your wall and fill out the the Mural Request Form. You’ll hear from me in the next business day.