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Synthetic Reveries Mural at 934 Gallery

Spraying on the first coat of color to the mural.

Progress shot of the mural. First colors have been laid down.

The largest mural I have yet to work on, Synthetic Reveries is 40′ long and 18′ tall. What you are seeing is my portion of a 2 part mural with artist Andy Meyer. We were paired together as a duo exhibition at 934 Gallery in September 2019, and presented as the featured artists for 934 Fest 2019.

The idea was that dreams can be manufactured, and my character, filled with the stuff of stars and galaxies, could also have strange dreams fall from her mind if it was only opened up by a mysterious hand. Completed mostly with a paint sprayer and spray paint, I spent about 8 days – spread out over 4 weekends while I still managed to work a full time job – to complete all 700+ square feet of this work.